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Each grassroots school team is composed of three committees. The interaction and communication between these three committees provides optimum organization, transparency, and accountability so that the school’s mission of providing education to the uneducated can be accomplished. The three committees are as follows:

1. Committee of Sponsors – This committee must be made up of at least three sponsors who donate monthly, seek others to donate, maintain communication with the school, and maintain a web presence specifically for the school, providing updates.

2. Committee of School Faculty – This committee must be made up of the school director and at least two teachers. The committee is responsible for providing the required information listed here as well as updates to be posted on the school’s website or blog.

3. Committee of Parents – This committee must be made up of at least three parents of students enrolled in the school. These parents are responsible for staying informed in all school activities and for remaining supportive to the school in general. There is not much more responsibility required here other than this committee should be aware that they can be contacted by the committee of sponsors regarding school affairs and should be prepared to provide accurate information to the best of their ability in such cases.


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