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In order for a school to become an affiliate, it needs to have a certain amount of organization and structure in place: namely a location to function, school faculty, and a committee of parents. The goal is that such schools waiting for adoption would be paired with their own web presence and committee of sponsors. Several schools have their faculty and committee of parents but lack web presence and a committee of sponsors.

Therefore, any group of three people, whether it be a family, a church, a school, or a group of friends, can adopt a school by creating and maintaining a web presence, as well as committing to generate at least $500 US each month to support the school. Funds can be sent directly to the school from the sponsoring committee, or can be donated through Grassroots Schools Global Affiliates, which is owned and operated by the 501(c)3 organization Project Esperanza, Inc.

The sponsoring committee has access to additional information that equips them to have some oversight over the school and the funds they generate. This information includes names and contact information of school faculy, a monthly budget, potential incoming funds or resources from other sources, a record of student attendance, and more. If you are interested in adopting a school, please e-mail

Lastly, we highly advise that the committee of sponsors and other sponsors in general visit their schools if and when it is deemed safe, as the education initiatives that need the most support are sometimes in dangerous areas. Visiting in person highly improves the understanding and relationship between the parties.

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