Join as an Affiliate School

In order to be considered for our grassroots schools global affiliate program, you will need a committee composed of the school’s director and at least two teachers. It is suspected that the director be present at school each day. If the director is responsible for overseeing less than five teachers at a time, he or she should also have a teaching role.

Please send the information below to Please know that in order to be an affiliate school, you must  have some Internet access for information sharing. You will be required to provide the information listed below, to keep it up to date, and to provide monthly updates.

After receiving this information, we will investigate your school to see if it is a match for our program. Information can be submitted in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, or French at this time. Teams should be patient as school “adoption” is not guaranteed. We may provide you with tools to help advocate for your school as well.

Required information from the school:

1. history of the school written in time line fashion

2. description of the area where the school is located, the population it serves, and the challenges this population faces in receiving education in the absence of the school.

3. daily school schedule

4. ideal detailed monthly budget

5. annual student registration information – name, date of birth, age, school level, and parent/guardian name.

6. committee of parents contact info.

7. teacher resumes

8. information regarding any financial support the school already receives or has received previously, including amounts and contact information of supporting institutions.

9. description of the school building (rented, owned, church building, etc?)

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